• AG Reconstruct +

    Anti-breakage mask for dry, damaged, and weak hair. Price Range: $50.00 to $70.00

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  • Balayage +

    Is a highliting application which creates a graduated effect. Hair is only slightly lightened on the top and graduated to a heavier lightening on the ends for a more natural look, starting at $150.00.

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  • Blondme Integrated Bonding Technology +

    This product creates new bonds and  repairs the internal structure  of all hair types.   All of our services that require lightening (eg. hilites, balayage, color correction) have blondme integrated bonding within it.  This minimizes damage when changing your hair colour, no matter how light you go.

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  • Colour Regrowth +

    We offer a perfect match of the existing colour in your hair for your new regrowth, at $60.00, when regrowth is one inch or less.

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  • Full Colour +

    This includes a range of services that depend on whether full colour application is on virgin hair and/or hair that has been coloured.

    Full Colour starting at $100 for short virgin hair

    Colour Correction services fix problems of DUI colour mishaps, banding, darkened ends, and brassy tone in the roots or mid ends of hair. Starting at $220

    Fashion Colour services include lightening hair to achieve bright, vibrant, neon or pastel tones. Starting at $180

    *A free colour consultation is provided

    *all lightening includes Blondme integrated bonding technology

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  • Haircuts +

    Both men and women, haircuts range from $30.00 to $65.00.

    Children’s haircuts are $25.00.

    Price varies depending on length and density of hair.

    Includes both wash and style.

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  • Hilites and Lowlites +

    Partial foil hilites start at $80.00. It consists of half head application which includes your hairline, part and crown.

    Full hilites begin at $130.00 and consists of hilites throughout the hair.  This may include a combination of colours that are darker then your base (lowlites) and colors that are lighter then your base (hilites).

    Grey blending is a mix of hilites and lowlites that perfectly flatter and blend your own natural hair. This is best suited for people who have a minimum of 15% white/grey hair and who are moving away from a full colour and seek easy maintenance and a natural multidimensional look.

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  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment +

    Smoothes and defrizzles curly hair for up to 3 months. This treatment ranges from $80.00 to $200.00 depending on the length and thickness of hair.

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  • Perms +

    We offer body perms for volume and curl starting at $70.00 and spiral perms for a corkscrew type curl starting at $80.00.

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  • Razor Cuts +

    These cuts offer seamless layering, texturing, easy styling and longevity.
    Razor cuts start at $40.00 to $80.00 and includes wash and style.

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  • Straightening Hair +

    We offer traditional relaxer, which permanently straightens hair and starts at $70.00. We also offer retouch on regrowth for relaxers which starts at $50.00.

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  • Style +

    We specialize in formal and causal updo’s, which start at $40.00. For a more curly style, we use pincurl, curling iron, and roller set
    techniques which start at $25.00 for short hair. For straight styles we flat iron for a sleek look or blow dry for a voluminous finish, starting at $25.00 for short hair.

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